Under these scheme various loans are provided to framers .

      • Laghu sinchan yojana : In this scheme loan is provided for building of new well , motor pump , fencing , land development .
      • Krushi yantrik : under this scheme loan is given for purchase of agriculture tools , tractor , trolleys , power triller , levler etc.
      • Van sheti lagvad: under this scheme loan for forest related agriculture such as Bamboo plantation , Nilgiri plantation , medicinal, plantation.
      • Loan for starting small business like fishi culture prawn ,poultry development, dairy development , etc are provided to farmers
      • Dughd vavsay : under this scheme 2-5 acre land , shed construction, financing of Draught Animals etc . Loan up to 1 lakhs is given.

    Under this schemes employees of bank are given straight personal loan up to Rs 2 lakhs .The rate of interest on this scheme is decided by the board of directors of bank.


    The employees of the primary schools and Chandrapur Zilla parishad are getting salary from the various branches of the bank. For children education, renovation of the house , in order to fulfill the basic needs of the house, the employee needs financial help. Bank provides loanfacility up to Rs. 10 lakhs against salary.


    The customers are given loan up to Rs. 70% of Gold ornaments for purchase of gold. The loan period for this scheme is of one year and the interest rate is 9-10 %.


    This scheme is mainly for the retired people who are getting pension benefits through ourbank .The amount of Rs 50000 is given under these scheme . Loan period is 2 year . Retiredpersons who are not eligible for any loan from the financial institutions can get benefit of this loan facility.


    Housing Loan for new construction is given to the individuals. Loan for repairing of house is also given under this scheme .Loan period is 5-25 years with 13% interest rate.


    The education loan is to deserving students having bright educational background for pursuing higher studies for technical education. The bank has designed the education loan scheme by keeping in mind as the major area of Chandrapur district comes under rural area. Loan up to 20 lakhs is given with 12% interest rate . Loan up to Rs 30 lakhs is provided for construction of educational building . Loan period is 5-7 years.


    This scheme is for employed person for purchase of 2 wheeler, 4 wheeler , truck with 12%interest rate. Framers are also benefited under this scheme . As per scheme farmers having 2-3 acers land are applicable for this loan . Loan period is up to 5 years.

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